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Dear Rangers Parents and Players,

I hope you are looking forward to the upcoming season. I know the coaching staff and I are excited to get back to work this summer and begin to prepare for the task at hand. Over the last few years our program has experienced a real turnaround at all levels and we have begun to put back-to-back winning seasons together at the Varsity Level. We have also made the playoffs two years in a row now and we even experienced a program first with a Varsity win over Brockport at Homecoming this past year. The future for Spencerport football is bright and through your continued hard work we will push to get that first playoff win. I am also looking forward to the new challenge of competing in Class AA. Although we will miss out on some old rivalries I am sure we will establish some new ones as well. Our program is on solid footing now and we are ready for this new challenge. I still expect us to compete and work toward our goal of winning a Sectional Championship!

In order to compete at the next level and continue our quest for a Sectional Title, we must continue to put in the time and effort required in the off-season. We must put great demands on ourselves physically, mentally and psychologically. Having a great work ethic, a positive attitude and mental and physical toughness will help us overcome any obstacles that are put in our way. As always the sacrifices that will be made and the lessons that we will learn over the summer will help to determine our level of success on the field this season. More importantly, the life lessons that you will learn will continue to serve you well long after your playing days are over. We will continue to focus on developing such values as preparedness, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and hard work. Last year we asked our team to "Never Rest" and to continue to build on the successes of the previous years team. As we move into Class AA and face new challenges I would like us to remember "NO EXCUSES." To me this means that we should be excited about the bar being raised for us and strive to achieve these new loftier goals. A harder road only means greater rewards to be had at the end. When presented with new and more difficult challenges there are only two choices, to make excuses or to make solutions. I know that our team is made up of the type of young men who are ready to take on all comers and any challenges that they may face along the way. I am proud to work with this group this coming year and to call you FAMILY.


Coach Dowd


2014 Connors and Ferris AA Bowl Champions

2014 Fairport (Playoff Game)

2014 East (Playoff Game)

2014 Senior Pictures

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11/23 - Football Banquet


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New Records Set This Season:

Tajh Eaddy
Most yards rushing season - 1,439

Most rushing touchdowns in a season - 17

Most TDs in a game (tied) - 4

Team Records
Most points allowed - 56 (vs. Hilton 2014)

Most Shutouts for (tied) - 2

Rushing yards in a season - 2961

Defensive Touchdowns (tied) - 2